Founder: Troy McClymonds

A well accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. McClymonds has reached the top of the social networks by doing exactly what he believes in, helping out when able. Mr. McClymonds believes that if we all do just a little extra, things can change for the better. People Helping People is Mr. McClymonds first non-profit organization. He has had the opportunity to sit at the top seat of two for-profit companies prior to starting People Helping People. As a business owner, he strives to provide products and services that the community desires and can benefit from both individually and collectively.

Co-Creator: Daniel Hachmeister

With the vision in mind to affect each person individually, Mr. Hachmeister joined People Helping People to bring both a business background and creative structure to the organization. He has had the opportunity to serve in many industries, including finance, consulting, and design services. Mr. Hachmeister also brings to the table small business experience directly related to start ups as well as digital ventures. When he met Mr. McClymonds, the idea to make a real difference was too good to pass up, and could not turn down the opportunity to play an integral part in the creation of People Helping People.

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Our Mission Statement

We all need a little help sometimes. You’ve been there before and so have we, confronted by a situation where we could use just that little extra help to get through the day. We’ve all seen the opposite side of the table too, someone in need and desperate for some assistance! Well now is the time. We aim to make that extra effort to hold a door for someone, pick up a dropped pair of keys, assist an old lady across the street, teach a child how to read, lend a friend a dollar, or just do something nice because it’s the right thing to do. People helping people was created to change the way we interact with each other. It’s time to get back the basics, where common courtesy isn’t an afterthought, it’s carried out when it’s needed. With enough support and enough followers, we believe we can make this world a better place to live, because we are all real people, with real problems, and real solutions!